Here's How We Can Help YOU Help!  

  • Getting Going:  Start-Up Consultation and Support.
  • Getting Better: Fixing What's Broken.
  • Getting Board Members: Recruitment, Training & Retention.
  • Getting Money:  Fundraising Boot Camp.
  • Getting Heard: Messaging & Public Relations.

Ready to Serve?

Here's some food for thought: 

Kat Von Cupcake, baker of compassionate treats, produces these beautiful and incredibly tasty vegan delights. She donates ALL of her profits to southern Oregon animal sanctuaries. Social enterprises are a great way to raise funds and awareness for your cause.  Try to find (or fund!) a social enterprise in your area. Ms. Von Cupcake can be found on Facebook. 

    Stacy Bannerman, M.S., M.F.A., Principal and Lead Consultant.

​Nonprofit Coaching: Start or Fix 

You want to change the world?  So do we.

We're here to help you get your nonprofit going with a strong foundation.

If your foundation needs some fixing, we can help with that, too.

We're all about the business of doing good.


Coaching and workshops to help you

find the words to make the most of your mission!


Whether it's a  newsletter, a press release, an editorial, an article, or even legislation, the pen is one of your most effective tools for raising funds and advancing change.  Learn how to craft a powerful message and infuse your writing with passion and meaning.  We’ll discuss various formats and forums for your work, and the style and content that best serves your mission and vision.


     "Stacy is a much-appreciated asset and friend to all of us at New World Sanctuary Foundation.  Her knowledge and skillset kept us grounded and provided a very important plank in our bridge to creating a new world.  She walked us through the IRS 501.c.3 application process, and 57 days later, we were an official nonprofit!" - Ren Hurst, Founder/Executive Director, New World Sanctuary Foundation.

      "The We Are One television and print ads were powerfully focused upon creating and upholding the vision of what we want - human rights for all. By partnering with a local corporation, Stacy provided the creative support and secured the financial backing... I have seen nothing of this caliber or unique vision achieved at any other time." - Vince Lemus, Human Rights Specialist, City of Spokane.